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One day, I hope to actually make money doing this...

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0/10 you suck

Good job, humorous and it goes to some of everyone's little MMO nit-picks.

I liked it. And you'll need more than good luck to start a "be-nice-to-noobs" revolution :p

I really would like to. I'm gonna try and get them to implement a NX item in the game that turns your weapon into a sign that says that. We'll see how far I can take that.

When you say: "a great opportunity to reach out to lots of gamers..."
You actually mean, sweet sweet money.

Its really more than that. Yes I am getting paid a small amount, but I justify doing it because it will give me the opportunity to share themes like "play in moderation" and "be nice to each other" directly to their community.

Milking the money cow has never been this fun!

I loved the cartoon! Having seen my younger brother play MapleStory several times, I understand the many points you're trying to make. A huge gamer like my younger brother, I played Mabinogi originally, but switched to Vindictus soon after it came out (due to getting bored with Mabi). Keep up the good work, dude! I'll be looking forward to the rest of your MapleStory cartoons... 8)


looks good and sounds great, but i only watched a minute before i had to look away. I don't understand the attraction to these mindless wandering games... give me asteroids any day.

It was quite entertaining to watch, good luck on your revolution

So are you still feeling "I will be doing one a month till they realize they have made a mistake." ?

Are you getting paid for this? If you are, I think I'm going to have to kill you...Didn't you learn anything when you made Slowloft?!

my god! i cant belive you actolly worked with nexon! =D

OMG, I saw the first Episode of new leaf saga, and I knew the art was familar until the name Brian came to mind, so I came on NG to check and I was right! Great job man! :D

congraz on being with nexon!

You know i never thought about the "where snails keep their money" part. o.0

Great animation btw. :D

Your videos are great and very enjoyable. I love how both "Another MapleStory" and "MapleStory: New Leaf Saga" both play on the shortcomings of MMOs and their communities. Keep on rocking, Brian!

By the way:...

Your bio here still says, "One day, I hope to actually make money doing this..."

... Well?...

I Follow you usually but than i had a busy time in my life with my family
i am happy to see you actually might start making money off this if you arent already
i was disappointed when i found out i watched them all so i decided to watch them
all again and i might even watch all of the a 3rd time but i cant wait for the next
one to come out
Good Job.

You're great.
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